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Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)

What is CRA?

CRA, Contact Reflex Analysis, is a simple, yet effective way of finding structural, physical and nutritional needs. CRA is not a way of diagnosing (although many doctors rely heavily on CRA findings). Rather, it is a means by which you can safely and assuredly determine and treat the ROOT CAUSE of health problems, not just the symptoms.

CRA is also a great tool for preventing sickness and diseases. For example, it is a fact that some of the modern diagnostic methods (machines) cannot detect a heart problem until there is a seventy percent failure. CRA can be used to find and pinpoint even the smallest problem and prevent it before it becomes a full blown health issue.

IS CRA legitimate?

Absolutely! CRA is taught and supported by the Parker School of Chiropractic. This is not an experimental theory. It has been researched thoroughly, established by the test of time and is scientifically credible.

What is the origin of CRA?

CRA was researched and developed by Dr. Versendaal, D.C., along with an M.D., a clinical nutritionist, a dentist and a hematologist over thirty years ago. It has been taught to health professionals for the past twenty-five years.

How does CRA work?

CRA is a simple method of asking the body’s own intelligence for any structural, physical and nutritional needs. Herrings’s Law of Cure states that we heal “from top to bottom; from the inside out; in the reverse order in which the symptoms occurred; from the most vital organ to the least vital function or organ.”

The CRA method of testing reveals sicknesses in the order in which they should be treated. For example, a person complains of terrible gas. The practitioner uses CRA test point knowledge to discover the bladder reflex shows up first. Now, even though the gas is causing the discomfort, because the bladder reflex showed up first, the gas is only symptomatic of a deeper root problem with the bladder. A remedy may be given to relieve the gas, but it will remain a chronic discomfort unless the primary problem with the bladder is treated. If the CRA test points are used in the proper sequence, whatever point shows up first will always be the primary source of the problem.

Who practices CRA?

Dr. Suenna Lankswert, N.D, LMT, is a trained and experienced practitioner using CRA. Suenna is a naturopath, with many years of experience in helping people understand and improve their health. CRA is one technique she uses.

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